Hahahaha World!

Hahaha followers!

Welcome to the official blog of hahabuda.  I won’t reveal my name, but you can call me secret agent haha.  I am someone who is constantly filling my mind with information about culture, music, movies and history.  I’m tired of how we approach topics that are the least bit intellectual.

I say let’s laugh at this crazy, cooky, wild, wonderfully terrible, terribly wonderful world we live in.  And along the way, learn something about the culture we live in.

I’ve always thought if you want to understand a culture, you should be looking through its trash, not its treasure.  So let’s dumpster dive away!


2 thoughts on “Hahahaha World!

    • dear haha,
      In the interest of spiritual fair use, do you think it would be a disservice to associate the image of Ho Tiep with the classical Buddha? How about the sitting Buddha with a hand mudra and swirly hairstyle representing a more accurate representation of the founder of the Buddhist faith (which is a clever homonym of yours truly) for your title banner instead. Great blog, keep up the good work.

      -el beavis

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