Bunny Attack! Jimmy Carter and the Killer Swamp Rabbit

On April 20, 1979, Jimmy Carter, while fishing alone in his Georgian hometown, was aggressively pursued by a swamp bunny.

Wait… What?!?!

Yes the story is true, and the end of the attack is pictured below:

The murderous bunny attempted numerous times to get on the Presiden’t boat.  Its eyes rabid, it took Mr. Carter a few whacks with his paddle before the bunny turned away.

The incident was pictured by a White House Photographer and accidentally released to the press by Carter’s Press Secretary Jody Powell.  Nearing the end of his campaign, his attack by a seemingly innocuous animal, was used by his opposition as a sign that his career as president was over.

Powell described the media response in his 1986 book The Other Side of the Story:

It was a nightmare. The story ran for more than a week. The President was repeatedly asked to explain his behavior at town hall meetings, press conferences, and meetings with editors.

There was talk of a suit under the Freedom of Information Act to force release of the picture showing the President, paddle and rabbit in close proximity.

Aaaaah.  Murderous Rabbits, how you amuse me.


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