My friend’s are awesome: Sweetsonian and Whereinamerica

I thought it would be a great time to recommend my friend’s blogs to you all.  While, I would categorize my blog as slightly comedic/slightly stupid/slightly amazing, my friends’ blogs fall into slightly different categories.

1.  Where in America

The #1 reason why America is awesome (from Whereinamerica)

My friend’s are travelling across the country and created this tumblr.  Between the two travelers, they’ve established the following rules/goals:

– to do this trip as cheaply as possible
– to make money along the way
– to do some volunteer work in each major city that we stop in
– that we cannot leave a state until we have a ridiculous story to tell
– to convince at least one person to join us on our journey
– to hit the four corners of continental America (California, Washington, Maine and Florida)
– to make it to Mount Rushmore, Boise, Nashville and Connecticut
– for Brian to smoke a cigar in front of each state’s major tourist attraction/landmark/monument
– for Zekee to make a friend from all 50 states

I’m so jealous!  Looks like quite the adventure and this may inspire me to actually leave California for once.

2.  Sweetsonian

My roommate from freshman year of college moved to d.c. and started a food blog that actually helped her get a job (you go girl!).  She was always the yin to my yang.  I remember when I planned a road trip to San Francisco , I made absolutely zero travel arrangements.  She jumped on the trip only to find out that I’m sometimes a complete idiot, and saved the day by getting us reservations at an international Hostel.


also links to my other blog defective phobias  (I promise to update soon!) and the hahabuda twitter account


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