Strange phrases my geriatric coworkers use

One of my many part-time jobs is working in a park district.  Let me get the number one question I get asked out of the way: yes, there are quite a few similarities to Parks and Recreation on NBC, especially when it comes to some of the constituents we represent.  To quote a recent email “FRISBEE GOLF COURSE IN THE OPEN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????  (NOW VIRAL).  OMG LOL.  DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT IS NOT PART OF THE ACLU STEERING COMMITTEE VOCABULARY.”

Mixing tween speak, environmentalism and angry threats – my favorite

Honestly, it’s not all bad, I really do love my work.  Not everyone is crazy and the ones who are, are endearing in a deranged stalker sort of way.  In the department that I work in, there are three of us under 25, and then two older white dudes in their seventies.  At first, I found working with the older gents incredibly frustrating because of their stubbornness, their good ole boys’ ways, and their tendency to bring up entirely unrelated topics and talk about them for 20 minutes straight – things like how they managed to get the floor of their basement leveled, how they have a telephone log for all their personal phone calls (weird right?) and how bright lights cause murders. for real.


.After listening to their jokes that referenced obscure cultural events of the 50s for a year straight,  I realized that there may be some value to what they say, and hell, it gave me something to occupy myself with while sitting in meetings on fertilizer, water usage and property taxes.  So, anytime they said something odd, I was ready notebook in hand.   Below you may find my favorites and their definitions.

Dog’s Breakfast – A mess or a muddle.  It’s a Brittish phrase first documented in the 1930’s.  Very different than Dog’s Dinner and Dog’s Bollocks.  Plus there’s a movie of the same name with the guy from Stargate

EXAMPLE:  Although he was dressed up like a dog’s dinner, his life was a dog’s breakfast.

Sheep Dip – It’s a euphemism for bluffing, lying and balderdash (new life goal: say balderdash everyday). It’s also a military term used in intelligence circles meaning hiding one’s identity.  On Urban Dictionary, it’s some weird bath you take with friends to get off disco dirt?????

Additionally, It is a liquid formulation of insecticide and fungicide which shepherds and farmers may use to protect their sheep from infestation against external parasites such as itch mite, blow-fly, ticks and lice

Like looking for a pimple on an elephant’s back – I get what this means, but it’s just so gross to use in business conversation.  Also there’s nothing about it online, but a lot of people have been searching online what an elephant’s butt pimple is called (according to them, it’s a dude – according to snopes, not so much)



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