The Goon – PSA – How to Kill a Zombie

Okay, so this is my second post that mentions zombies today, but you know what, I feel like zombies have taken their place in the collective psyche over the last few years.  Each generation’s popular culture is a reflection of some unconscious issue.  The 80’s had its share of hyper masculine movies as Reagonomics was at its height.  Post 9/11, we moved into a series of superhero movies, and the trend hasn’t quite ended yet (plus we are already doing remakes only a few years later…).  So, Zombies it is… Walking Dead, Zombieland, Shawn of the Dead, etc…There must be collective fear of becoming sheeple or desire for us to differentiate ourselves in a time when so many of us are doomed to fail, but I digress…

The Goon is a comic series about a world filled with zombies, hobos, bog lurks and the communist mollusk airborne division just to name a few.  Dark Horse Entertainment announced in 2008 that they were planning on making it into a film, but they are lacking funding (It looks so compelling, I wonder why)    Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti
provided the voices for the test.   This is an early rough test animation for the David Fincher / Blur Studios / Dark Horse Entertainment produced film THE GOON.  It starts about halfway through the video.


2 thoughts on “The Goon – PSA – How to Kill a Zombie

  1. Hard to say on that one….promising….but if it’s just watching a cartoon character creatively bashing in zombie heads &/or decapitating them, is that really 2 hours (90′) of compelling drama?

    • I agree, I think I’m just excited for a more adult CGI film, that still has a playful quality to it. That’s why I think it’s having a hard time finding funding… it’s a weird niche.

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