Commercials Done Right – The Date by Heineken

Commercial advertisements, video games and reality television have unofficially been the bastard children of the entertainment industry.  Sometimes rightfully so (I would put Dancing with the Stars near the top of my list), but all three mediums are going through a little bit of an artistic renaissance (well maybe reality television not so much).

cultural Renaissance in the works

Okay, jokes aside.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed by a number of commercials on television recently (tangent: I only recently moved into a house with a TV so I may be a little bit behind the times).  One of these commercials is the Heineken commercial below:

So for all you out there who believe that commercials cannot be art because their primary goal is to make money, I provide you with some of the references the commercial makes after the jump.

The Song – Jaan Pehechan Ho – Mohammed Rafi – from the 1965 movie Gunhaam

This song was also featured in the opening of Ghost World (which may be why the song sounds familiar to you)

The shot of the commercial references one of my favorites scene from Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas.  The scene in Goodfellas is also a date.  Notice that the entire scene is one shot, meaning the camera had to follow behind the actors as they made their way through the club.



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