Off to Mexico so I leave you with a fun task

So I’m heading to Mexico in a few hours, so I will not be updating for the next week and a half or so.  So I have decided to leave you with a special project (besides finishing your Billy Murray poems, people!)

This weekend is the last 4 days (yes I celebrate 4 day weekends) of The Lifecatching project – a crowdsourced time caspule.  They say it is the first one , but I’m pretty sure Yahoo did on a few years ago.  ANYWAY, you take a picture that represents a moment of your life.

The picture must be taken in between 9/16-9/26.   Take 3 photos of the people, places, or things that you’d want to hand yourself 5 years from now to bring you instantly back to this time in your life.  Photos must be hi-res, in .jpg format and submitted in 3 separate emails to

For every photo submitted $1 will be donated to New York’s ConArtistGallery in support of their effort to expand their collective and workspace.

According to their website:

Since we’ve evolved in the past decade into a crowd sourcing, hyper sharing, digital media metropolis – there’s something fun about flipping the switch and using those attributes to live in the ‘now,’ take a beat to go back to the moment in front of us. And that’s exactly what the Lifecatching Project is, a crowd sourced time capsule made up of photos shared from around the world.

Sounds like fun!  Sounds like a good cause!  Sounds like a way to keep you occupied while Hahabuda is on hiatus!

See you in a week.


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