Farmville the Movie: Sign Number #2049 that the apocalypse is upon us

Confession: I once played Farmville.   I think my attention for the game lasted one, maybe two days.  I had convinced myself over the years that a game that requires NO skill, NO strategy and (to someone with any semblance of a life) NO allure couldn’t possibly exist.  But stupidity reared its ugly head and formed Zynga’s massively popular Farmville.  I can’t really explain its gameplay because it doesn’t really seem to have any.

ooooh chickens!

So rant aside, here is the news:  talks have been in the work to create a Farmville Movie. Although not officially confirmed, the script would be written by Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen who co-wrote Toy Story (but also Cheaper by the Dozen and Garfield).  Come on Hollywood, are you really this out of ideas?

Um... Maybe they are

Word on the street is that Mafia Wars is being transformed into a film as well, which has brought a debate of which (facebook!) game would have a better transition onto the silver screen.  Let me throw my two cents in… it’s gonna be crap either way.  Or I have an idea, merge the two concepts and save the world 90 minutes… MafiaVille – FarmWars (hmmm, that’s my idea Hollywood!)


P.S. Insightful Vanity Fair profile on Zynga games HERE – worth the read






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