Trump: The Game – Because Donald Trump doesn’t know when to stop

I went thrift store shopping last week for two reasons: find some of the components for my costume of Harley Quinn and find a nice inexpensive present for my mom’s birthday… I was seriously searching for a Sun Tea Jar (because all moms love sun tea).  BUT THEN…  I found this:

The game I found was the ORIGINAL 1989 Board Game by Donald Trump, called (whowouldathunk) Trump: The Game.  With the ingenius tagline “It’s not whether you win or lose, but whether you win”

I haven’t unwrapped it, but as far as I can tell, it’s just like Monopoly, but not nearly as fun (actually I never really liked Monopoly, but that’s besides the point).  To read a description of the gameplay in case you really want to know, read THIS.

Although industry insiders predicted glowing sales and Milton Bradley was planning on producing 2 million copies (wait what), The game was a huge failure.  Trump attributed it to the fact that the game may be too difficult for the masses (he really did say this).  During the christmas season many toy stores had to drop the price of it from $40 to $29 or $20 before it sold. (Tangent: I don’t think I would pay $40 for a board game in today’s dollars, even if it combined my favorite things ever).

I searched "sushi scrabble chocolate milk puppies" to find my best board game ever, but instead found Obama Sushi.... It happens.

The game was re-released with slightly easier rules in 2005 because of his new Apprentice Show, because you know there’s always a market for blowhards.


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