My parents failed attempt at being hip – Corn Cobs

Let me preface this by saying… I am a redhead.  Not like an auburn red, more orange-y red.  The significance of this will soon be clear.

A few days ago, my mom was combing out my hair (and bam, I just lost all my cred points).  My hair can become a evil rat’s nest within a few hours if I don’t keep up with the maintenance.  It’s like a tangerine colored Voldemort resides on the back of my head and likes to just be an asshole and stuff (a la Sorcerer’s Stone).


Well my dad observed this scene unfolding, and he had a special insight.  Our conversation went like this.

Dad:  Look at your hair!  You should get some corn cobs!

Me: Wait, What?

Dad: You know corn cobs!

Me: Uhhhhhhh

Mom: He means Corn Rolls.

(I like how my mom understood what he meant)

Me: To eat?

Mom: No! In your Hair!

Me: OHHHHH! You mean Cornrows.  silly parents.

So… In sum, my dad told me I should get “corn cobs” to manage my hair. My mom corrected him and told him it was “corn rolls.” It’s cornrows….

As a side note, my parents give terrible advice.

Corn Cobs
Corn Rolls
Now these are cornrows

As a special treat, here is a link to 25 white people with cornrows.  Should this become a trend?


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