“Looking for rich man” – Do spam messages like this actually work?

I miss the good ole spam messages of the 90s, you know, like the Nigerian prince email scams.  I was around 10, when I started getting those emails, and I KNEW they were fake.  Who are the people who fall for them?

But anyway, I’ve finally received a weird foreign email scam!  SO EXCITED.  The other ones I get just don’t give me the same rush (like those stupid XXX PENIS PUMPS ones).  This one is more personal, and it tells you what they want from the beginning (“looking for rich man”).   (As a side note, by writing “penis pump” in this article, I am guaranteed to quadruple my blog hits. You go creepers!).  Here is the email:

From: Genevieve Rosales

Title:  I came to you in the country, I have no money, looking for rich man!

Body of Email:

Hi, I am sad and dreary one – there – In Moscow, I live alone now hooked up the internet, that’s looking for someone to talk to, I have a web camera as well as personal page on the internet, come on, help me to remove my sadness. (website removed)


Any one else get good scam emails?


2 thoughts on ““Looking for rich man” – Do spam messages like this actually work?

  1. Hello I am in Los Angeles, global warming take sun away, have no money to go clubbing, need nice man with money to support my pomeranian, please am nice but sometimes can be stubborn. My hobbies are: shopping, vacation travel, internet scamming, postering, love fake real items as long as I am not told, love to eat fish and their young (before birth).

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