The new (and more horrifying) snuggie: Footed Pajamas

I’m a proud owner of a snuggie. A leopard print snuggie in fact.  But footed pajamas…  There’s something that rubs me the wrong way about them.  It’s the thing that repressed memories, awkward Christmas gifts from Gran Gran and Adult Baby Syndrome are made of.
Through my research I found that Jumpin Jammerz (CuTe MiSsPeLinGs and all) are at the forefront of the footed pajama craze.  In fact, Ryan Gosling and Ellen (along with the entire audience) wore them on her show.
Not Gimmicky at All

My favorite aspect of the footed pajama “craze” is that the marketing team decided that it would focus i’s attention on the 18-25 market. Snuggies, they know their place.  It’s for older, lazy people.  Or just straight up lazy people.

Footed PJ’s on the other hand.  According to the ads, are just a ball of fun!

Cool rift dude!
They even have KISS Themed PJ’s.  Because if I was in charge of the KISS licensing department, I would totally okay that.
As a side note, they also have something known as a “Drop Seat” which is a glorified butt flap.
because I would.
Also, special treat for the ladies:  One more picture of Ryan Gossling in Jumpin Jammerz

5 thoughts on “The new (and more horrifying) snuggie: Footed Pajamas

  1. I must say that I love the army print. That camouflage technology would buy me a couple more minutes of sleep as my wife tirelessly attempts to find me to wake me up in the morning. I’m guessing that’s what ninjas sleep in.

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