Weekly Wiki: Chess Boxing

So I’ve decided that every week, I will feature a weird wikipedia page that interests me.  This week, the link is CHESS BOXING.  Yes, you read that right… CHESS BOXING. The definition of it is what you would expect, it’s a hybrid game of chess and boxing.

From wikipedia:

A match consists of up to eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess. The match begins with a four-minute chess round. This is followed by three minutes of boxing, with rounds of chess and boxing alternating until the end. There is a one minute break between rounds. Speed chess is used, a form in which each player has a total of only twelve minutes for the whole game.

Competitors may win by a knockout, achieving a checkmate, by the judges’ decision, or if their opponent’s twelve minutes of chess time is exceeded

I bet it’s hard to find great players for this, since I would imagine that the two sports seem semi mutually-exclusive.  OKAY OKAY, I know that I’m just following stereotypes for jocks and for nerds, but I just can’t see Bobby Fischer in the ring or Mike Tyson check mating someone.

Has anyone else heard of this before?  Also read the wikipedia page for more info.


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