And so it begins, WordPress goes black to protest SOPA

In protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act, WordPress had decided to black out it’s front page.  Clicking on one of the censored links, leads you HERE, where you can sign an online petition against SOPA.

WordPress is only one of a long list of sites that will be doing this. Hopefully, these tactics will work.  I’m not gonna start ranting about politicians here because I may never ever stop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SOPA, read THIS LINK from Gizmodo.  It explains a lot.


3 thoughts on “And so it begins, WordPress goes black to protest SOPA

  1. Bah. It’s a fight between the denizens of the Internet, both kindly and nefarious, against the boogeymen that hold sway over the financial aspects of “free” speech plus those with legitimate claim to personal property. My general view is that censorship is bad and private property deserves respect. At the extremes, neither can coincide but somewhere in the middle lies freedom. SOPA doesn’t promote that. Too much power in too few hands, says me. I have no immediate answers but I would prefer to live in a world where it’s hard for anyone to wrest control from everyone.

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