Jeopardy fans are not happy, may start nerdy riot

Please read Part I of the Jeopardy controversy HERE to get more fully up to date on the craziness that is happening among people who are usually too busy memorizing vice presidents, English royals and no longer circulating currencies (I kid, I kid. I love you guys).

A few days ago, I reported that Jeopardy has decided to close registration early for its online tests to qualify to be on the show.  Usually, you have until two hours before the test starts to register.  This year, they closed it off DAYS early without warning.  Rumor has it that hackers may have been a factor. Really, Jeopardy, just because we Jeopardophiles are smarter than the average bear, doesn’t mean we don’t participate in some good ole fashioned procrastination.

Things got awkward when they were still showing commercials saying you could register, despite the fact that registration was long since closed.

The correct response is “What is a douchey thing to do?”

Now, fans are not happy.  As one fan states on their facebook page:

Closing reg while still saying register on the tv sucks. I’ll be contacting Sony, SEC about false advertising, FCC, and the state Attorney General Department of Consumer Affairs. Hope others do the same.

YOWZER. That guy knows who’s boss. Another one writes:

I just finished contacting Sony Pictures. I was transferred to the “Jeopardy!” department, where I was told to leave a message. I voiced my frustrations, asking if the program would provide viewers with a second opportunity to register and take part in the online test. I’m not sure if they’ll call me back, given Sony Pictures’ inconsistent feedback policy. I recommend that everyone else who was shut out of the registration period also contact Sony at 1-310-244-4000. Here’s to a second “Jeopardy!” online test!

So the “hate mail” isn’t exactly in the same vein as what I usually expect from the internet (“JEOPARDY WURST SHOW EVA. DIE LOL WTF OMG”) but the fans are still not happy.  So maybe, a riot isn’t going to happen, but a polite letter writing campaign may follow.

[TANGENT] Jeopardy fans are way too smart!  I want incoherent rants.  I was excited when I saw on the wall “Somebody needs to donkey punch alex” (YEAH CRUDENESS), but then I realized that it was a reference to someone answering “donkey punch” to a clue (has anyone else noticed that Jeopardy contestants minds are increasingly in the gutter). [/TANGENT]

I could never hate you, Trebek

I think it would be fair for Sony Pictures and Jeopardy to host another online qualifying test next month, so that those who didn’t get a chance to register won’t have to wait a whole year.  Hell, it wasn’t our fault, we thought we would still be able to register at this point, and we would have done so earlier if we knew this nightmare was going to happen.

So JEOPARDY get your shit together and makes things right!

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