Beard Lube and Beard News!

I love going through my parents’ house, so many odd treasures.  Today I found this:

A sample of Jack Black’s Beard Lube in a bookshelf in my mom’s office.  It’s a “revolutionary three-in-one pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin conditioner,” but all that aside, they’ve definitely taken the market of uniquely named shaving products.  Sounds like  some dirty pirate’s sex juice (is sex juice a thing? not sure. but yes).

In vaguely related beard news, Disney has officially changed its very strict dress code to allow employees to grow beards.  Soul Patches are still banned though, but for good reason.

this reason…

(And if you were ever wondering some other names for Soul patch, here ya go: God’s asterisk, jazz dab, flavor saver, mouchemosca, cookie duster, face fungus,attilio, liptee, Imperial, kionjamchuzi, small beard, royale, zif, ball tickler, Cadillac, spit catcher, taint brush, soup catcher, flavor stripe, spit, sauce, womb broom.)


3 thoughts on “Beard Lube and Beard News!

  1. I never want to find this at my parents house. My mom cleans houses and she found a swingers handbook from like the 40’s the couple was by then quite old…gross

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