Sergeant Scruffy

So usually, I post funny links and observations, but for this post, I’m doing something a bit different: an ode to a pet who left a special mark on my heart.

Last week, my pet of 14 years peacefully passed in his sleep, at the age of 16 (which, by the way, is 98 in human years).  His name was Sergeant Scruffy and he truly was a stupendous, cockamamie, sweet dog.

Sergeant Scruffy

I remember the day that my brother and mom brought you home – Your little head popped up through the window of the front gate.  They were laughing.  It was an impulsive decision on their part, but I was so happy to have a new pet to love.  I was 13.  You were 2.

I remembered when we tried to change your name to Sparky.  Sparky didn’t work… Scruffy did fit you better.  Plus you’re a Sergeant, who would want to take that title away?

I remember the way you went berserk (happily) every time we pet you.  My friend called you the Will Ferrell of the dog world.

I remember when you got hit by the car (that was about ten years ago!). The day when you snuck through the side gate unnoticed by us.  I remember the woman getting out of her car and crying profusely, and the fact that she came back later to make sure you were okay.  Your leg was a little beat up, but you lived you lucky, lucky dog.

I remember the way you would itch your nose every time we blew air in your face.

I remember when we used your picture (the first picture in this post) as the image of mine and my brother’s online personality “isuckalot”.  Later I found your picture circulating in small circles of the internet.  You’re famous!

I remember you attacking the vacuum, you did not like that beast!

I remember you playing with other dogs and always playing the submissive role (you odd dog you).

I remember the day we noticed that something wasn’t quite right, the way you walked into walls.  You were diagnosed with blindness, diabetes and a heart murmur the very next day. How did you survive so long with all that?  You must have 9 lives.

I remember that you fell in the pool twice after that and we saved you.  We always thought you would have some 6th sense knowing your way around, but it didn’t work quite like that. We found you endearing and decided to block off the pool, so you would never be put at risk again.

I remember when you took the laundry room as your bedroom, and would come out whenever I called your name to eat the scraps on the floor (our very own vacuum cleaner).

I remember when your health began to deteriorate that you spent more and more time in the kitchen area.  We gave you daily shots to keep you well.  You were always a sweetheart through them.

I remember the way you would prance around when the grass hit your paws.  You were so happy.

I remember when you health deteriorated even more and it was to be your last full day on this earth.  I remember my friend giving you a bath, me petting you and my brother cleaning out your eyes.  The next day, my mom noticed you shivering and wrapped you in a blanket.

I remember on your last day that you were snoring loudly as if you were having a very happy dream.

I remember coming up to you to check on you.  I blew in your face, expecting your normal reaction, but nothing happened.  I pretended that you were just sleeping.

I remember my brother and my friend coming up to me and my mom telling us that Scruffy was dead.

I remember them taking you to get cremated.

I remember my mom putting your ashes on the mantel.


3 thoughts on “Sergeant Scruffy

  1. This was a very beautiful post and yes, I was teary too. I loved reading about your memories of your beloved Sergeant Scruffy. I am so sorry you had to lose such a good friend.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, dear. I too teared up too, reading all the beautiful memories Sgt. Scruff and your family had. Though it may be sad, I am glad that ya’ll loved her..and I know for sure, she loved you back!

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