Pat Sajak “used to” get drunk and other Game Show hosts behaving badly

I love game shows.  But even more, I love game show hosts.  My top 3 favorite game show hosts of all time are: Chuck Woolery, Alex Trebek and Bob Barker.  And even though Pat Sajak, from Wheel of Fortune, seems like the creepy uncle I never had, he has a special place in my heart too.

SO, BIG SHOCKER HERE.  Pat Sajak recently admitted in an interview that he and Vanna White would get pretty plastered before the show in the early days of the Wheel.  As he states:

 Our dinner break would be two and a half hours long while they drove in cars and boats and gazebos…. We had a place called Los Arcos…. They had great margaritas, so Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six. And then come and do the last shows, and have trouble recognizing the alphabet.

Well Pat’s not the only one with questionable behavior.  Here are some other game show hosts behaving badly:

1.  Meredith Vieira gets hot and bothered for a young Navy pilot


“You can put your wet finger wherever you want it”

Nope, those aren’t quotes from some cougar porn, that’s Meredith Vieira from “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” flirting it up with a contestant (and flirting is quite the understatement).  The clip climaxes when she asks him to perform a wet willy on her.  Watch the video (it’s well worth it)

2.  Alex Trebek makes subtle racist statement

So youtube (the ultimate decider of all things trivial) is split on whether or not Alex Trebek is actually being racist in this clip.  In it, he states that some South Asian dude should be disappointed that he didn’t know that the answer was New Dehli.  Thoughts?

3.  Richard Dawson being Richard Dawson

When Family Feud premiered in 1976, they hired Richard Dawson as the emcee, and he gained quite the reputation.  Nicknamed the “Kissing Bandit”, Dawson became famous for his PDA: kissing all the female contestants, and most of the time, on the lips.    I was so surprised that youtube didn’t have a Richard Dawson kissing montage because the kissing is pretty much the only thing I know about Dawson.

Bam Bam
Bam Bam Bam!

He actually ended up marrying one of his contestants.  Watch an interview of Dawson explaining kissing women HERE.


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