The Daily Mail – zombies, pork and uggs – The Top 3 Dumbest Articles This Week

I’ve professed my love for the British tabloid the Daily Mail before when they decided that Fatbooth-ing Victoria’s Secret Models was considered Journalism.  So as a special treat and as an ode to my favorite “news” source, I’ve decided to show their three best un-news articles:

1.  “Zombie George Washington:  How a mad scientist planned to reanimate the first president with lamb’s blood after he died” – LINK

I thought they were writing a review for a book of the ever-popular zombie genre, but then they said this:

The tale of zombie George Washington, revealed by the science fiction blog io9, is reminiscent of the best selling book ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,’ which recast the 16th president as a combat-hardened vampire slayer. Except Washington’s story is true.

Daily Mail:  this is for real

2.  Ugg boots banned at school after students caught hiding cell phones in the fuzzy footwear – LINK

Anyone remember the Ugg boots and mini-skirt trend?  That fashion statement alone banned mini-skirts from my high school.  I guess it’s a trend that keeps on giving because now it’s used for more nefarious purposes (cell phone usage – oh my)

3. Cured: Girl, 4, saved from life-threatening nosebleed after salted pork is put up her nostrils – LINK

First off, I love when puns are used in news article titles.  Second,

The pork, which has been salt-cured and is different from bacon, was used to cure nosebleeds in the 19th century but fell out of favour in the Forties because modern drugs and medical sponges were considered more effective.

You learn something new every day.

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