Burning Man smoldering with Hippie Unrest!

Warning: whenever I mention Burning Man in my blog, the S.S. Burners come out in full force to say that I’m stupid, I don’t “get” the experience and that I’m a self promoter that would never fit in. You know, things that people from an organization that refers to itself as “radically inclusive” would say.  I especially find this funny because when I pseudo-made-fun of Jeopardy fans, they appreciated a little bit of deprecation.  I’ve learned my lesson, hippies kind of suck and they’re weirdly omnipresent on internet message boards.

So, I personally take great joy in the fact that Burning Man has become more mainstream. It allows for people who espouse their generosity and community spirit to show their true colors when they say things like “people who don’t deserve to go now took spots away from artists.”

This year, the organizers held two rounds of ticket lotteries with the second lottery ending today. With this lottery, 40,000 tickets were sold at prices between $240 and $390, with a limit of two tickets per person.  40,000 tickets sure does sound like a lot, right?

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), because of scalpers, some burners creating multiple accounts and the overall jump in popularity of the event, trying to get tickets was like hitting a jackpot on a slot machine.

Angry hippies decided to express their unhappiness through Burning Man’s facebook page (As a side note, Burning Man does delete comments that don’t fit into their posting policy of Peace, Love and Bullshit, so I don’t know how cleaned up the wall is):

Not impressed burning man!!!! Was this really a good idea? More then half of our theme camp doesn’t have tickets. No theme camps, no burning man….:( super sad face

Another Posted:

had two chance, me and my friend, none of us got picked, i mean FUCK IT ! seriously !
its in a fucking desert, cant you just make it bigger ?? the more the merrier right ?
immagine a fest with 100 K people, it would be the most amazing event eve !
gonna have to struggle now, for a free open minded no boundary revolutionnary event that sound very selectiv and capitalist, so yeah fuck it, fuck you.

My thoughts exactly.  At noon on March 28, 10,000 full-price tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis in the final round of ticket sales.  GOOD LUCK SUCKAS!

I’ve personally always thought of Burning Man, as a hedonistic, drug fueled, orgiastic party justified by the notion that you are discovering yourself.  Hell, go to your stupid party, just be real that you want to do a bunch of drugs and then paint portraits of chickens in the nude.  So have fun Burners, I just hope you put into perspective what the event ALWAYS has been, and not just something that was JUST polluted by newcomers.

TOMORROW: Let’s see if Burning Man responds to all the uproar.

6 thoughts on “Burning Man smoldering with Hippie Unrest!

  1. Why go to Burning Man when you can carp a bowl and listen to Ken Nordine with headphones instead?
    Burning Man looks like fun, but if they have to charge that much to keep the riffraff out they’ve kind of defeated their own purpose. I’d rather go to a biker bar wearing an Obama t-shirt and a furry tail.

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