LA Times, you are officially an asshole for ruining Desperate Housewives

There are certain things you should know not to mess with about me:

-I do not eat mayo or ranch, and I do not find it endearing or cute when someone jokingly says they will put it in my food (or actually put it in my food, which my mom once did).

-Saying that words with friends and Scrabble (aka the best game in the universe) are the same thing.  They are not.  One was created by carefully studying the letter distribution in the New York Times for a year, one is a cheap knock off, slightly changed to not violate copyright laws.

-I watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights.  I will not pick up my phone, go online or respond to you even in if you show up in person.



So the Los Angeles Times, posted an article on the front page of the LA Extra section called Spoiler in ‘Desperate Housewives’ trial stuns courtroom’.  Basically, Nicollette Sheridan, is suing the show’s creator and studio for wrongful termination stemming from the elimination of her character, Edie Britt.    This season, they’ve been planning on killing a character on the show and I had no idea who.  It’s been building up!  So much suspense!

So, right next to the article is a picture of Edie Britt, as well as another character, who will go unnamed.  And I look at this picture, and I think, there is no way in the hell that the LA Times is going to be so blatantly stupid and post a picture of the character who is going to die.

Well the caption read like this:

Actor OMITTED’s character in “Desperate Housewives” will be killed off, an executive producer revealed during court testimony.

I didn’t even have to read the article to find out who died.  Has the LA Times not heard of the rules of the internet? Where when we are about to reveal a spoiler, we say in big letters SPOILER.  It’s that simple!

I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that I watch Desperate Housewives or the fact that I subscribe to the LA Times.  Ugh.  Scratch that.  Definitely the latter.


One thought on “LA Times, you are officially an asshole for ruining Desperate Housewives

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