Darth Vader / Dark Vador Burger!

A little while ago, a food chain in France released burgers based on Star Wars.  I love gimmicks and this is my kind of gimmick: the almost inedible, processed kind with only a slight relation to the original thing they were promoting!

Because if Darth Vader was a food, he'd totally be cheeseburger with black buns...

   Personally, I think the “Dark Vador” burger looks pretty neat.  BY THE WAY, fun french fact, it’s spelled Vador instead of Vader because vader would be pronounced va-day in French.  Why they call him dark beats me… because dark does NOT mean dark in french. But they definitely don’t have the “-rth” sound.  Fun trick, make a french person say a bunch of th- words.

I’m very much disappointed in the Jedi Burger, which has 4 extra days of promotion (wtf).  Marshmallows?  Clouds? Don’t know what that white stuff is.  Also, it should be green with a voice chip inside to represent Yoda.  Just sayin. Also, that idea is now officially copywritten.  Suck it, McDonalds.

(via Buffet O’ Blog)


8 thoughts on “Darth Vader / Dark Vador Burger!

  1. I guess eating a hamburger with marshmallows is a common thing?! Marshmallows are not the first thing that comes to mind when I think Jedi…..for some reason…..

  2. All the healthy green lettuce and tomato in the Dark burger looks a little out of character – shouldn’t it be stewed spinach or something?
    Yoda looks quite unimpressed with the Jedi burger too!

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I know this isn’t quite my usual fodder, but I did think these guys might have taken the whole sci-fi spin off thing too far…

  4. I think they definitely missed a trick not styling the jedi burger on yoda (I think those are onions?).

    And whoever says they’d be concerned if they ever saw someone eating a Dark Vador burger, I think that’s what they were going for.

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