GOOD TO KNOW… APRIL 3rd is Don’t Go to Work Day Unless It’s Fun… If only everyday could be that day…

She Can't Be Serious

April 3rd marks “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun” day.

I promise I didn’t make that up.  But while I can find nothing on how this holiday originated, let’s just say that since it’s on many of the national holiday calendars across the web, it’s official in my book.

As I see it, this holiday leaves us with two options.  Option #1 is to have fun at work.

Now be warned that I’m not recommending you to follow all my suggestions.  Throwing such caution to the wind could result in a reprimand, alienation of co-workers, a tarnished professional image, and worse yet, getting fired. 

You know I’ve got a disclaimer for everything.

But here are some things you can do to celebrate this day…if you just don’t care about all that.  Maybe you’ve won your fair share of a half-billion dollars in the lottery or something recently.  Yeah, I’m talking to those…

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