HAPPY EASTER: Children deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny

My favorite Easter memory:  When I was much younger, my family dabbled in a Unitarian Universalist Church.  I had a lot of fun there, but was completely unaware of the politicking that was going on with the older people (side note: I swear I once saw a ghost there that looked like a Confederate Soldier on a horse).

ANYWAY, some grown-ups didn’t want to celebrate Easter and didn’t want an Easter egg hunt/Easter bunny because of the Christian roots.  My dad called BULL SHIT  – “kids deserve an Easter Bunny, they deserve an Egg Hunt… It’s frickin’ America, we’ve got rights” (side note: that may or may not be a quote from my father).

So during the sermon, my dad wore an Easter Bunny suit and pranced behind the Minister outside and was seen by the ENTIRE CONGREGATION through the large windows.  Later, we had an Easter egg hunt and no one could stop it.  My DAD saved Easter.  The American Way.

As an ode to children and easter and bunny suits and my dad, here are images of children frightened by the Easter Bunny (also, when did it become a tradition to pose on the Easter Bunny like he’s Santa):

Some of those bunnies are seriously freaky, am I right?


2 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER: Children deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny

  1. Yikes!!!!
    That second rabbit looked like it should be in the movie ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’. Which happens to be on at 5:00AM this morning.
    There is a candy store in Dayton,Oh that has a bunny every year out front waving and I think the suit has been around as long as the store. 60 or 70 yrs I think.
    That third one I think I saw sitting in the corner of my living room once in the seventies. Didn’t say anything. It just sat there for a few hours. I must have eaten a bad “egg”.
    And those eyes in the last one. Oh my.

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