Don’t Fix what Ain’t Broke: the Scrabble Application on Facebook

I’ve discussed my Scrabble addiction before, but I’ll say it again… I believe that scrabble is the most perfect game ever created.  In fact, the creator of Scrabble, Alfred Mosher Butts,  studied the front page of The New York Times for an entire year to calculate how frequently each letter of the alphabet was used.  Words with Friends cannot even compare…

So, today when I went to play my daily game of Scrabble through the facebook application, I was surprised to find this:

What is that madness?  It looks like they hired the web designers of Myspace circa 2003 and Zynga’s Farmville to make this terrible eyesore.

For comparison, here it is before (this is actually the ipad version, but it is pretty similar to how the facebook one was)”

A light sampling of my complaints:

  1. The dictionary is a lie!  FOURT isn’t a word even though the dictionary in the first photo says it is. Side note, personal bingo fail.
  2. it doesn’t work.  It seems to selectively choose when it wants to load.  According to the site, it’s because they are “experiencing very high demand for the new Scrabble”  Can I demand the original one back?
  3. It’s an assault on my eyes.  I get it, we live in the 21st century, you think our brains can handle all of that.  But it’s a headache, and I do not need to be reminded at all times that: Chris wants to play facebook and Mark scored 140 points once with the word “retarded”.
  4. The rankings have disappeared.  I worked hard to reach my 1670 ranking score!
  5.  there’s no “home screen”
  6.  It’s cartoon-y.  If i wanted to play something that looked like words with friends, I’d play words with friends.

My scrabble buddy Mark’s scrabble app has yet to change over to the new one.  This has me thinking that they are testing out beta versions with only some people.  Scrabble nerds, excuse my bad grammar, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Scrabble ain’t broke, but now it kind of is.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Fix what Ain’t Broke: the Scrabble Application on Facebook

  1. “This has me thinking that they are testing out beta versions with only some people.” Nope. They ran a beta test, the testers loudly complained about the new format, now they’re rolling it out to everyone.

  2. The new Scrabble format is a cluster. It is bad on the eyes and very cumbersome. I don’t like it. What were the suits thinking?

  3. yes, it is awful. perhaps they are trying to get 8-yr-olds interested? maybe the are feeling the pinch from other scrabble-like apps and feel the need to compete with their “fun” GUIs.

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