Online Dating Slumpbusting: Plenty of Mitch Episode 2

I think online dating is getting weirder by the minute.   Just take Purrsonals (facepalm for worst dating related pun I’ve ever seen) – an online dating site for cat lovers.  Or Singles with food allergies – because when I look for a lover, I need them to have the same aversion to peanuts, shellfish and gluten as me. We have even reached the point where chimpazees have turned to online dating to find their mates.

Plenty of Mitch – a webseries on online dating written and directed by a friend of mine – has finally launched episode 2!  There’s no furries, food allergies or chimps in this episode… but it may have something that you have experienced… SLUMPBUSTERS.  Don’t know what that is… well watch away.

Missed Episode 1?  Click Here.

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2 thoughts on “Online Dating Slumpbusting: Plenty of Mitch Episode 2

  1. Very good! Can’t wait for the next episode.
    Even though it brings back some flashback memories from when my ex-brother-in-law and I shared an apartment after becoming single many years ago before the intertubes.
    Beer goggles, 2:00AM bar closings, waking up wondering…wtf? And the next question…WTF??? (WTF=WHO and/or WHERE THE F**K?!!!)
    Ahhh…memories. (shudder)
    Keep up the good work and thanks for checking out my blog.

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