Slingr – Now the internet can buy you drinks….

Ever been to a bar and you’re pretty sure that your only chance at a free drink is that overweight guy with the cold sore and that weird hairy mole, and you realize that you’d rather shell out the cash for a peaceful night than risk him tell that story bout his hernias four times in a row as he spits  cold sore drool on your face?

Sorry… got carried away.  ANYWAY.. If you’ve ever wished for your friends to be able to share an experience of food and drinks with you even when they are halfway across the world, if you’ve ever wanted to send a special shot to a friend celebrating a birthday while you are stuck inside with the flu, if you’ve ever wanted to cash in all those internet stalkers you’ve been hoarding, well then… I’ve got an app for you… SLINGR.

Slingr – The self proclaimed social networking tool for drinkers, allows your facebook and twitter friends to remotely send you drinks when you are at bars and clubs hooked up with the service.

According to the service:

When you check in to a Slingr spot, a link is shared to your social feed (e.g. Facebook wall) which takes your friends to a menu system tied directly to your table. From there they can send you drinks, food, and other stuff which is delivered to you by the serving staff.

Currently three bars in the Los Angeles Area have it: Michael’s Bar and Grill in Burbank, the Hollywood Way and The Red Lion in Silver Lake.

Would you guys buy me drinks???   I need to have this blog profit me in some way…. JUST KIDDING. I love you all, even if you don’t buy me drinks.  But, I’ll try it out, see if actually works and report back soon.

Here’s the Facebook page and Website for those of you who would like to look into it more as it grows in popularity.

Via LA TIMES blog

Darth Vader / Dark Vador Burger!

A little while ago, a food chain in France released burgers based on Star Wars.  I love gimmicks and this is my kind of gimmick: the almost inedible, processed kind with only a slight relation to the original thing they were promoting!

Because if Darth Vader was a food, he'd totally be cheeseburger with black buns...

   Personally, I think the “Dark Vador” burger looks pretty neat.  BY THE WAY, fun french fact, it’s spelled Vador instead of Vader because vader would be pronounced va-day in French.  Why they call him dark beats me… because dark does NOT mean dark in french. But they definitely don’t have the “-rth” sound.  Fun trick, make a french person say a bunch of th- words.

I’m very much disappointed in the Jedi Burger, which has 4 extra days of promotion (wtf).  Marshmallows?  Clouds? Don’t know what that white stuff is.  Also, it should be green with a voice chip inside to represent Yoda.  Just sayin. Also, that idea is now officially copywritten.  Suck it, McDonalds.

(via Buffet O’ Blog)

I’ve always wanted my pizza to have a picture of a football helmet!

Isn’t the world already filled with enough stupid products?  Do we really need to add pizza Super Bowl decals to the list?  Well, it seems like we have no choice, because THEY’RE HERE…

Basically, Pizza Prints are decals of your favorite football team that you can put on a plain cheese pizza.  According to their instructional video “It’s the greatest victory for pizza since cheese” which is Continue reading

Dippin’ Dots shall be Dipped no more

I remember during Junior High that THE place to be was the mall.  I have very little recollection on anything we did there, but I have vague memories of looking at the overpriced graphic tees at Hot Topic (the ones bordering between trendy, alternative and horrendously infantile), admiring Hot Dog on a Stick workers AND eating Dippin’ Dots.

These things...

That’s why I was so sad to hear that Dippin’ Dots has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Granted I haven’t had those freezing drops of ice cream for over 6 or 7 years (they are made by using liquid nitrogen), but I did enjoy them when I did have them (I always liked mixing Chocolate with Banana Dots).  They are currently about $11 million in debt, and have been continuing to operate while they went through bankruptcy proceedings.  Despite their difficulties, they have managed to grow over 6.6% over the last year (yet still at a loss)

With a motto like “The ice cream of the future” they were pretty much setting themselves up for failure.

HAHABUDA announces: Buddha Pears!

This just in! This just in!  A farmer in China has perfected molding pears into the shape of Buddha.  The farmer,  Gao Xian Zhan, uses a plastic mold for the pears to grow into.  They are selling very well in China and he hopes to bring them overseas.

Me feel Lucky!

I’m not so sure about the shelf life though…. $10 a pear.  Would you eat it or is that bad luck? I’d prob eat it.

Next up (haha)BUDA pears!

I forgot it was International Bacon Day yet still celebrated it

Yesterday, Saturday, August 3rd was International Bacon Day.  It is normally celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day – making the first weekend in August one of the most wonderfully gluttonous weekends of the year.   According to Wikipedia:

Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks.


I had absolutely no idea this was happening, yet I  brought up bacon a good five times in casual conversation.  I said TWICE yesterday, and I quote, “I wonder if they have done studies on whether or not there is an objectively most delicious food, and whether or not that food is bacon.”  The universe was calling out to me, and I think it was telling me “yes.”  I even had bacon sprinkled into my pasta. It was the most fantastically bacontastic days, and I wasn’t even trying to celebrate my new favorite holiday.

So for all those bacon fans out there, I present some little tidbits about American’s favorite fatty food, the best bacon dish I ever had and a bacon jam recipe!

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Cheese on my ____________

Generally I hate the viral marketing of corporations, but this one has a  bit of an unrefined quality that meshes internet meme-dom, humor and CHEESE.  Brought to you by Denny’s, cheese on my _______ is a mindless, user-submitted website that does just what the title says, puts cheese on something.  Check it out:

Cheese on my photo

Also, what is tumblr?

Sushirrito: when fusion food goes terribly wrong

I love fusion food!  When tacos got all Korean on us, I embraced it.  One day I read a review of an Indian/Chinese restaurant, I showed up that same day.  How could you go wrong when you mix the best of two cultures!  NOTHING (well actually a lot of things, but for the sake of this artcle, NOTHING!!

Until this:


Sushirrito is a restaurant in San Francisco , with a mission to “To challenge the status quo of sushi restaurants through creativity and innovation of flavors, form, and sourcing.”

I get the concept, but creative and different doesn’t necessary mean good.  Proof:

It’s too big.  too messy.  too rice-y.  Would you try it?