This is fascinating: An Albino Family in India

Living in a one-bedroom flat in Delhi, the The ten members of the Pullan family, headed by Rosetauri, 50, and his wife Mani, 45, are set to land in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest Albino family.

.The couple say they have had a ‘tough life’ and often been treated as outsiders, but mother Mani says despite the family’s setbacks she sees the condition as a ‘gift from God’.

Renu, their 23 year old daughter, married a man who also had albinism, Rosheh, 27, and the couple’s son Dharamraj, 2, also inherited the condition from his parents.

The Pullan children Shankar, 24, Ramkishan, 19, and Vijay, 25 (back row), along with daughters Deepa, 21 (left) and Pooja, 18 (right) all inherited albinismn from their father Rosetauri and mother Mani (center)

Heads of the family: Rosetauri, 50

Mani, the mother, 41

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Cool Video of the Day: Last Day Dream

From famed American music video director Chris Milk comes Last Day Dream.  It was an entry into Beijing’s 42 second dream film festival.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a video elicit such a response in me in less than a minute.

And, yea, I know what you are all saying “hahabuda! don’t you usually post funny stuff?”  True that. but, when something as beautiful and nostalgic as this pops up, my sentimental side takes over.

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