Cool video of the day: THE WEIRDEST CHICKEN BAND

About six months ago, I created a blog, defective phobias, for the sole purpose of me facing my irrational fears like chickens, mayo and camping.  Well it turns out I have an irrational phobia of facing irrational phobias.   So this project kind of fell to the wayside (I do plan on bringing it back though).

One of my first posts, was on my INTENSE fear of chickens.  You can read my explanation of my alektorophobia that HERE.  That’s why I was absolutely disgusted when my friend Topheycakes (may or may not be his actual name) sent me this video:

A chicken band! Chickens dancing!  Close-ups on chicken feet!  This is my nightmare… but it’s a nightmare I can’t turn away from.

Leningrad (band) music video Gelendzhik (2004).
Created by Andrey Zakirzyanov

P.S. turn on closed captioning to see  the lyrics in English


Facing my hatred for Chickens and Mayo – My New Project


I’m an odd duck.  I could hold a snake, live in the presence of a spider, eat bull testicle if need be.  I however, cannot stand the sight (and feet, and eyes, and beaks) of chickens and I loathe Mayonnaise so much that I haven’t had it touch my tongue in over 10 years.  Just earlier this day, thinking of eating ranch made me gag a bit.

So instead of the usual goal of facing someone’s fears, I’m going to face my hatreds.  I will hold a nasty chicken, I will camp in the wilderness amongst god’s little creatures, and one day, one day, I will have that nasty white goop enter my belly.

I will keep you posted on the alternate blog to find that in, and will post the updates here as well.

Wish me luck, I have a lot of hate to get through.