In the world of weird: Testicular Tumor Face

Okay. I know that Halloween is over, but I’m on this weird news and creepy things kick, that I can’t and won’t shake just yet.  So today I will provide a weird news story.

A man recently received an x-ray for his testicular cancer and found an interesting image in his x-ray: A face!  And a kinda worried and scared face at that.  Doctors wondered at first if it was a sign from a god, but signs point to merely a coincidence.


(via buzzfeed)


Awkward Toy Commercials that I saw on Mexican Television

After a 10 day hiatus, I’m back from Mexico!  Over the next week, I’ll post some of my vacation highlights.

So, confession:  the only television I watched in Mexico was the Spanish language equivalent of Cartoon Network, which surprisingly had a fair share of non-cartoon 90s kids movies.  This made me happy enough, but then I watched the commercials!

Mi Pequena Daphne is one of the creepiest dolls I’ve seen featured in a commercials (side note: there are waaaaaay creepier dolls out there but people have the sense not to feature them on children’s television because of the guaranteed nightmares)

Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter mixed with realistic looking babies...

Growing limbs.  A disturbing mechanical face.  and I’m pretty sure the ability to use the bathroom.  All the features of a doll that every girl wants.

Also through my research online, the Daphne dolls are surprisingly desirable in Central and South America despite the fact that they are only sold in Venezuela (yet featured on Mexican television… I won’t ask).  As one mother states (google translation): Continue reading