Mr T. SINGS – Treat Your Mother Right

Okay! So i totally should have included this in the post I made dedicated to my mother… But I messed up. NO BIGGIE.  Here’s Mr. T Singing “Treat your mother right”.


God, I wish I was famous, just so I could do and create whatever I wanted and it would still be sort of legit.  LOVE you Mr. T! LOVE YOU MAMA!

COOL VIDEO OF THE DAY: Me and Cello – So Happy Together


Is somebody having a case of the Mondays? Well, here’s a very cute/cool video about a guy and his love for his Cello.

I know I’ve been posting like crazy…I really don’t want to clean my room… HAPPY MONDAY!

Cuteness overload: Bear wakes up from Hibernation

I don’t know why, when or how I convinced myself that hibernation was an imaginary concept.  My mind likes to play tricks on me (kind of like when I repeatedly ask my one friend whether her middle name is Marie.  this happens weekly, seriously).  BUT NEWS ALERT: HIBERNATION IS REAL! I think that news alert is only for me.

ANYWAY, here are pictures of a bear waking up from hibernation.  I would snuggle with it, but that may be dangerous, not sure though.

Cute video of the day: Batman and Pugs unite!

In America, people hear dogs’ barks as “woof” “arf” or “ruff”.  In Croatia, it’s “Vau Vau”.  In Indonesia, it’s “Guk Guk.”  But on Youtube, there’s a Pug that says “Batman.”

After the jump, my other favorite pug videos: Continue reading

Cool Video of the Day: Transformer Owl doesn’t like bigger owls

Owls are number two of my all time favorite animals.  Octopus = number one.  Chickens number negative a million.  Intelligent, graceful, predatory owls, a safe number two.  I posted another owl video a few weeks ago, and you can see it HERE (and if you have not seen it yet, DO IT NOW).  While this one isn’t nearly as amusing, it’s pretty neat (especially when the owl turns into skinny count chocula).

Kinda like this

So watch the owl get oh so big and oh so small.  My favorite part is that the other owls don’t seem to care.  YAY dominance!

Cool Video of the Day: the most awesome elderly couple ever

Secret confession:  I romanticize the thought of retirement and old age.  I mean if I could lead my ideal life now, I would be playing bingo daily, tending to some epic vegetable garden and taking ballroom dance classes.  It’s just the whole body self-destructing and mind disintegrating aspect that makes me revisit my dream.  THEN, i see a couple like this.   married, energetic and just loving life.  I didn’t add any similar videos to this post, because this one just stands on its own.

via Videogum