Cool Video of the Day: Mannequin Man Dances to the Store

So I’ve shown this video to a few people and have received a variety of responses, including: “nightmare inducing”, “cool”, “freaky” and “makes me want to dance”.  I think it’s amazing!  I guess the fact that the subject is a moving mannequin automatically puts it in the horror category (because of the uncanny valley and all)


normal guy normal walk.
Directed by David Lewandowski
Music is Jean Jacques Perrey’s “Little Ships”

(Via Videogum)


Funny Video of the Day: Goth Kids dancing to Vogue

I’ve been on a little bit of a Madonna kick lately.  I can’t really explain it, but if it’s 7am and I’m driving to work, Madonna better freakin’ be on the radio.  So I’m generally not a fan of some youtube video’s sound being replaced by a popular song, but this is THE exception of all exceptions.  Madonna? yes.  Goth Kids? hell yes.  Goth kids dancing to Madonna? YES YES YES.  Check it out.


Cool Video of the Day: the most awesome elderly couple ever

Secret confession:  I romanticize the thought of retirement and old age.  I mean if I could lead my ideal life now, I would be playing bingo daily, tending to some epic vegetable garden and taking ballroom dance classes.  It’s just the whole body self-destructing and mind disintegrating aspect that makes me revisit my dream.  THEN, i see a couple like this.   married, energetic and just loving life.  I didn’t add any similar videos to this post, because this one just stands on its own.

via Videogum