Disney’s Beard Policy isn’t as Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah as it seems

I reported last week about Disney’s new policy that allows staff members to sport beards in an awkwardly titled post that mentions beard lube.  Well yesterday, I went to Disneyland  with my family (and took my 4 year old cousin for the first time!!!) and I was so excited that I was finally going to see all these epic beards.

NOT ONE Staff Member had a beard. After looking all over the place, My brother finally asked someone.  We found out that to be allowed to have a beard you need to take a week off of work and get permission in advance.  No Scruff allowed, I guess.   Aw, Disney, way to discriminate against my favorite facial hair through a loophole (beards are people too)

As a side note,  have you ever seen anyone between the age of 15-25 in Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters WITHOUT that intense look of wanting to space blast the opponent?


Beard Lube and Beard News!

I love going through my parents’ house, so many odd treasures.  Today I found this:

A sample of Jack Black’s Beard Lube in a bookshelf in my mom’s office.  It’s a “revolutionary three-in-one pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin conditioner,” but all that aside, they’ve definitely taken the market of uniquely named shaving products.  Sounds like  some dirty pirate’s sex juice (is sex juice a thing? not sure. but yes).

In vaguely related beard news, Disney has officially changed its very strict dress code to allow employees to grow beards.  Soul Patches are still banned though, but for good reason.

this reason…

(And if you were ever wondering some other names for Soul patch, here ya go: God’s asterisk, jazz dab, flavor saver, mouchemosca, cookie duster, face fungus,attilio, liptee, Imperial, kionjamchuzi, small beard, royale, zif, ball tickler, Cadillac, spit catcher, taint brush, soup catcher, flavor stripe, spit, sauce, womb broom.)

Toy Story Fashion Collection – I’ve always wanted a three eyed alien sweater!

So, I know that my following statement may make some film buffs a little angry, but I stand by it.  I think that Toy Story 1 was plot-wise a perfect movie.  No questions are left unanswered!  All characters respond to situations based on their own personalities and flaws in a way that is logical, driven and interesting.  It has a pair of protagonists (Woody and Buzz) that serve as antagonists for one another and their interactions motivate their actions that build up to a climax!!!!!!  Film Major ramblings aside, the movie is so gosh darn cute and I went to the 3D double feature by myself at like 11 am on a Tuesday (granted I fell asleep, but watching movies before noon is really hard for me).

So I have a minor obsession with Toy Story, and for someone who generally hates on Disney movies, It’s kind of a big deal (I never hate on Disney music though because that stuff is awesome).

So back to the original point of my story!  The Japanese have done it again and released a very cute Toy Story collection.  Hong-Kong based Bossini has collaborated with Pixar to create a range inspired by the feature film.

Would you wear it?