BAM! I voted today America, Did you?

Dear America,

Today is election day. Get your shiznit together and vote.



Also special internet prize for the person who can guess who the actor under the “I voted” sticker is.


Rick Santorum song made me barf in my mouth

I live in California, and I seriously have not met one person who likes Santorum.  Even my conservative friends say they would never vote for him. I started to believe that the media invented the whole Santorum Surge (and perhaps even Santorum) to add some spice into this bland as dirt robot election.

It would be like Wag the Dog, but the racist, homophobic, sexist edition.

So, needless to say, I’m surprised that Santorum is a real, sweater vested, rape can make lemonade saying, Human being.  And there are actually people who like him?  Is this for real?

Nice job, parents.  Indoctrinate your kids.  U-S-A. U-S-A.  Can California just secede yet?

Some of the lyrics for those of you who are lazy:

We’ve got a Man who Understands that God Gave the Bill of Rights
Oh, there is Hope for our Nation again
Maybe the First time Since we Had Ronald Reagan
There will be Justice for the Unborn
Factories back on our Shores
Where the Constitution rules our land
Yes, I Believe… Rick Santorum is our Man!

Face Palm…