In the world of weird: Testicular Tumor Face

Okay. I know that Halloween is over, but I’m on this weird news and creepy things kick, that I can’t and won’t shake just yet.  So today I will provide a weird news story.

A man recently received an x-ray for his testicular cancer and found an interesting image in his x-ray: A face!  And a kinda worried and scared face at that.  Doctors wondered at first if it was a sign from a god, but signs point to merely a coincidence.


(via buzzfeed)


Cool Video of the Day: Zombie in a Penguin Suit

T-Minus 7 seven days until my favorite Holiday and to celebrate I’ll do a Halloween-y post a day til then!

Today, I will showcase everyone’s favorite “monster” this year: the Zombie (tangent: are zombies considered monsters?  what classification would you even put it under?). The short video “Zombie in a Penguin Suit” is a surprisingly funny, yet touching depiction of the brain-eating undead.

As a warning, probably not the best video for young children or the faint of heart or young children with faint hearts.  Enjoy!

I was feeling for a while that Zombies were on the decline, and those of you who watch The Walking Dead know what I mean.  It’s nice to get a bit of freshness back into a genre based on the unfresh through this video.

The people who created “zombie in a penguin suit” also have a facebook page up, where they will respond to whatever you post.  Support them and check it out HERE.