Cool Video of the Day: I Fell in Love on the Bike Path!

At my alma mater, U.C. Santa Barbara, bicycles RULED the road.

If you are a pedestrian there, you better know your place, because if you were dumb enough to step into the bike path without looking, you deserved to get run over by the two-wheelers (the unsuspecting tour groups made this fun to watch).  If you were a car driving down Del Playa (the main party street) on a Friday or Saturday night, expect a crowd to surround your car, shouting things to you like “GET OFF THE ROAD” and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DRIVING HERE?” and “I’M DRUNK!”  It’s like Mad Max in that town – I’m serious.

Well anyway, from my alma mater comes the above hilarious video, in the vein of I’m on a Boat, about finding love on the bike path.  SO GOOD.

2030 – BPL [Bike Path Love]


Mr T. SINGS – Treat Your Mother Right

Okay! So i totally should have included this in the post I made dedicated to my mother… But I messed up. NO BIGGIE.  Here’s Mr. T Singing “Treat your mother right”.


God, I wish I was famous, just so I could do and create whatever I wanted and it would still be sort of legit.  LOVE you Mr. T! LOVE YOU MAMA!

The Mullet Mating Call: Mullet-ed Man knows how to Whistle in Old Talk Show

Some of you may know that I am an aspiring screenwriter…  and through this I’ve gotten interesting insights into my psyche.  I’ve noticed that my “villains” fall into three categories:

  1. Fat women with large breasts.
  2. People with mullets and unusual facial hair/hobbies.
  3. Fat people with mullets.

My last script had THREE obese antagonists with large breasts.  My current one has two guys with mullets and I’m on only on page seven.  Granted, this is before the editing process, but still… I think there’s something wrong with me.

Well, a dashing young facebook fan shared this on the HAHABUDA facebook page…  And I must admit this may have changed my views of mullets forever.

I never thought a man with a mullet could bring a tear to my eye out of wondrous amazement…  The beauty in the quivering of that mustache is all too much.  So world, I ask you for two things, bring back the mullet… bring back artistic whistling…Sigh…The Mullet Mating Call…

I really need to watch more daytime television…

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SIDE NOTE #2:  Best line of that video – “There goes the balls again….”

Commercials Done Right – The Date by Heineken

Commercial advertisements, video games and reality television have unofficially been the bastard children of the entertainment industry.  Sometimes rightfully so (I would put Dancing with the Stars near the top of my list), but all three mediums are going through a little bit of an artistic renaissance (well maybe reality television not so much).

cultural Renaissance in the works

Okay, jokes aside.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed by a number of commercials on television recently (tangent: I only recently moved into a house with a TV so I may be a little bit behind the times).  One of these commercials is the Heineken commercial below:

So for all you out there who believe that commercials cannot be art because their primary goal is to make money, I provide you with some of the references the commercial makes after the jump.

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Funny Video of the Day: Goth Kids dancing to Vogue

I’ve been on a little bit of a Madonna kick lately.  I can’t really explain it, but if it’s 7am and I’m driving to work, Madonna better freakin’ be on the radio.  So I’m generally not a fan of some youtube video’s sound being replaced by a popular song, but this is THE exception of all exceptions.  Madonna? yes.  Goth Kids? hell yes.  Goth kids dancing to Madonna? YES YES YES.  Check it out.


Cool Video of the Day: the most awesome elderly couple ever

Secret confession:  I romanticize the thought of retirement and old age.  I mean if I could lead my ideal life now, I would be playing bingo daily, tending to some epic vegetable garden and taking ballroom dance classes.  It’s just the whole body self-destructing and mind disintegrating aspect that makes me revisit my dream.  THEN, i see a couple like this.   married, energetic and just loving life.  I didn’t add any similar videos to this post, because this one just stands on its own.

via Videogum

Cool Video of the Day: Last Day Dream

From famed American music video director Chris Milk comes Last Day Dream.  It was an entry into Beijing’s 42 second dream film festival.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a video elicit such a response in me in less than a minute.

And, yea, I know what you are all saying “hahabuda! don’t you usually post funny stuff?”  True that. but, when something as beautiful and nostalgic as this pops up, my sentimental side takes over.

After the jump, see some other music videos by Chris Milk

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Cool Video of the Day – OK GO and the MUPPETS

Although I’m not the biggest OK GO fan, I am really impressed by their successful efforts at one-upping their own music videos each time.  Their newest attempt includes something very dear to my heart… the muppets.  Check it out.

I’ll also include my favorite OK GO video (and one my favorite rube goldbergs) and the trailer for the new muppet movie (for those of you who live under a rock)

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