Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a terribly inconsistent blogger

Okay guys, I said about 6 months ago (has it really been that long?), that I was going to start blogging more consistently.  And I didn’t really keep that promise.

tumblr cher


I’ve been so busy with my 20 hour a week job, my only chore of doing the dishes and my new hobby of online poker (this is all true).  BUT i’m back!  And get ready for some HAHABUDA action.

For a little preview, I’ll provide my new favorite picture of the internet.

my favorite is the ginger kid



Off to Mexico so I leave you with a fun task

So I’m heading to Mexico in a few hours, so I will not be updating for the next week and a half or so.  So I have decided to leave you with a special project (besides finishing your Billy Murray poems, people!)

This weekend is the last 4 days (yes I celebrate 4 day weekends) of The Lifecatching project – a crowdsourced time caspule.  They say it is the first one , but I’m pretty sure Yahoo did on a few years ago.  ANYWAY, you take a picture that represents a moment of your life.

The picture must be taken in between 9/16-9/26.   Take 3 photos of the people, places, or things that you’d want to hand yourself 5 years from now to bring you instantly back to this time in your life.  Photos must be hi-res, in .jpg format and submitted in 3 separate emails to show91results@photos.flickr.com.

For every photo submitted $1 will be donated to New York’s ConArtistGallery in support of their effort to expand their collective and workspace. Continue reading

Children’s Art Revisited and Redone

I have this very distinct memory from Kindergarten that my class was preparing for an art show.  All of us were so excited about getting a chance to show our watercolor paintings to our parents in a proper venue (the school gymnasium).  When I finally got to the art show, I noticed that all our pictures were slightly different.  I had drawn a lone corn stalk as my painting, but now it had a farm in the background, roses next to my corn.  I mean, none of our art was particularly amazing, but we were Kindergarteners!  It wasn’t supposed to be good.  I later found out that the teacher had recruited 5th graders to improve on our work to impress our parents.  That had to break some unspoken rule of Elementary School.

Recently, I found three websites that instead of hiding the unrefined nature of children’s art, embrace it, transform it.  Click the links for additional drawings!

1.  Recreating Children’s Drawings by Yeondoo Jung (opens in a new window)

While most of the other recrafted children’s art is done through paint, this is done through photography.

2.  Drawer Geeks (opens in a new window)

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