Man Arrested for Drunk Driving with ZEBRA and MACAW in his car

I’m just gonna let this story speak for itself… -HAHA

Police in  Ankeny, just outside Des Moines, received a call from a confused and concerned citizen that they had spotted a zebra and a macaw in a parked car outside of a bar.  When the officers arrived on the scene, the car was being driven away by its owner,  55-year-old Jerald Reiter.

A Zebra and Macaw walk into a bar

When pulled over, Reiter described that the zebra and macaw were his pets, and that they frequently enjoyed outings.  Reiter didn’t plan on leaving his pets inside the truck, but that previously, the owners allowed him to bring the zebra and the bird into the bar.  Plans changed, however when the owner would not let the animals in because they were serving food that evening.

He was arrested for drunk driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.148, almost twice the legal limit.

Jerald Reiter – owner of zebra and macaw….

And to think, I can’t even get a pet monkey…


Officer am I really an unkempt, wigged man with a fu manchu?

One of the few advantages of working in a law office (besides getting to use an industrial shredder that can DEMOLISH a hundred pages at once) is that I get to read hilarious police reports.  I didn’t know so many things are illegal.  Fish one too many salmon?  fish and game is watching you with binoculars. bam. ticket. Own too much Sudafed?  you might make meth. bam. prison.

The way to The Pokey

Okay, I’m simplifying things a bit, but I’m not kidding.  Those were actual cases we dealt with.  Our country is filled with a ridiculous amount of ridiculous laws.  At work, I see how people’s livelihoods are jeopardized by just stupid mistakes.  I’ve always wanted to glance inside the mind of some hardcore cop.  See how he views all the people he arrests.  Well yesterday at work, I found a glimpse.

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