Texts from Hilary Clinton

Sometimes I don’t post things because I think EVERYONE knows about it, so I share my links with a select few who I know haven’t seen it.  WEEKS LATER, my mom/friend/grocery store clerk will come up to me and say… “I saw that video of that cat/drunk person/fat child you showed me, it was on the local news/huffington post/the internet.”  Then I realize I missed a cultural opportunity to share it with my readers who may have have been very well in the dark.

So today, I share something that was shared to me on facebook.  Texts from Hilary… Clinton that is.  It’s basically Mrs. Secretary of State being a pimp badass.  Can someone also make of meme of me being awesome?  Because that’s basically my life goal.

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Rick Santorum song made me barf in my mouth

I live in California, and I seriously have not met one person who likes Santorum.  Even my conservative friends say they would never vote for him. I started to believe that the media invented the whole Santorum Surge (and perhaps even Santorum) to add some spice into this bland as dirt robot election.

It would be like Wag the Dog, but the racist, homophobic, sexist edition.

So, needless to say, I’m surprised that Santorum is a real, sweater vested, rape can make lemonade saying, Human being.  And there are actually people who like him?  Is this for real?

Nice job, parents.  Indoctrinate your kids.  U-S-A. U-S-A.  Can California just secede yet?

Some of the lyrics for those of you who are lazy:

We’ve got a Man who Understands that God Gave the Bill of Rights
Oh, there is Hope for our Nation again
Maybe the First time Since we Had Ronald Reagan
There will be Justice for the Unborn
Factories back on our Shores
Where the Constitution rules our land
Yes, I Believe… Rick Santorum is our Man!

Face Palm…


And so it begins, Wordpress goes black to protest SOPA

In protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act, WordPress had decided to black out it’s front page.  Clicking on one of the censored links, leads you HERE, where you can sign an online petition against SOPA.

WordPress is only one of a long list of sites that will be doing this. Hopefully, these tactics will work.  I’m not gonna start ranting about politicians here because I may never ever stop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SOPA, read THIS LINK from Gizmodo.  It explains a lot.

My Tea Partier friend’s rants on Burning Man

For those of you who do not know what Burning Man is, it’s kinda like this:

For those of you who don’t know what the Tea Party Movement is, it’s kinda like this:

Billiam Rooney (name changed) is my 40 year old friend that I play scrabble with every single day.  We mostly play online, which over the course of several hours, allows us to rant about pretty much whatever is on our mind.   Part of the time, it’s Bill letting me know that the eco-nazis are ruining this country.  Part of the time, it’s Bill saying that big government is going to destroy the economy.  Part of the time, it’s one of us ranting, while the other one doesn’t even respond directly to what the other is saying. Example:

Rooney – i just ate some rancid horseradish. ugh..I think I’m gonna puke

Me – i’m crazy multitasking.  doing everything so poorly

Yea, that makes me sound heartless, but in actuality, that’s just how we talk to each other.

So, with Burning Man less than a week away, Billiam found a new favorite topic of conversation: Burners.

On Sunday, Billiam had this to say (through facebook chat)* :

burning man is so stupid.

the last thing on earth I want to do is drive out to a dry lake bed with a bunch of people like Water Emu Tango Squirrel [editor’s note: a hippy we both know – name changed] to light an effigy on fire and look at a bunch of big bad art made by SF queers and PAY for the privelege.

there’s not even a band..it’s not even a music festival…

I like the naked chicks though

but they aren’t even bathed

At this point, I did not really respond to or argue with Billiam (it’s useless to do so), but I did inform him “i am so gonna quote you on that” for my blog.  He continued:

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