Thomas Edison was an Asshole

I assume that everyone has heard that Steve Jobs passed away yesterday (Rest in Peace).  I value his work and insight, but some of things being said about him I find just a wee bit frustrating.  From a facebook friend (sorry friend!):

Our parents had JFK, we had Steve Jobs. Edison gave us electricity, Jobs gave us the Jetsons in real life. We lost an icon today. You will be missed.

UGH – Is it necessary to mention JFK, Edison and the Jetsons in one facebook status?  I hate this for so many reasons, but I will focus on one thing:  Is Steve Jobs the Thomas Edison of our Generation?

So I was excited to see that the Los Angeles Times today had an article called “Comparing Jobs to Edison doesn’t quite capture it” (couldn’t find it online).  I was hoping it would shed light on the type of businessman and so called inventor that Edison was, but it didn’t.  In fact the article mentions Edison once and just uses all the stupid assumptions we learned about him in elementary school.

So, I’ll go out and just say it… Thomas Edison was an ASSHOLE.  Below you will find some of the reasons why:

Don't trust the charm or that hair...

1.  The Patent Wars

Edison holds over 1,000 patents, and is considered one of the most prolific inventors of all time.  Many of these patents dealt with movie cameras and similar equipment.  The Edison Film Manufacturing Company owned the majority of patents of the film equipment used in the early 20th century.  It wasn’t enough that Edison would receive money for all the equipment he sold, he demanded licensing fees from all film producers, distributors and exhibitors.  He formed a legal monopoly and began blacklisting or suing independent companies who didn’t follow his rules.

So-called outlaws (including the names you may recognize of Laemmle and Fox) moved out to California to avoid the legal retribution of Edison’s Trust.  On a happy note, these outlaws were involved in a lot of the innovation of the time and helped form Hollywood.  Edison though…He was the MPAA of the early 20th century.  Anti-innovation all in the name of $$$$$.

ASSHOLE POINTS: 3.5/5 – An Anti-trust lawsuit was eventually filed against him, so he didn’t end up getting away with it. (MPAA on the other hand 4.5/5)

2.  He destroyed Tesla’s Life Work and his Reputation Continue reading

Cool Video of the Day: Transformer Owl doesn’t like bigger owls

Owls are number two of my all time favorite animals.  Octopus = number one.  Chickens number negative a million.  Intelligent, graceful, predatory owls, a safe number two.  I posted another owl video a few weeks ago, and you can see it HERE (and if you have not seen it yet, DO IT NOW).  While this one isn’t nearly as amusing, it’s pretty neat (especially when the owl turns into skinny count chocula).

Kinda like this

So watch the owl get oh so big and oh so small.  My favorite part is that the other owls don’t seem to care.  YAY dominance!

Cool Video of the Day: What if I wanted to drive upside down in a tunnel?

We’ve all seen it in countless movies.  A driver needs to avoid imminent danger in front of them, so they do the first logical thing imaginable:  they turn the wheel suddenly to drive upside down in a tunnel.  SO EPIC, but can it be done in real life?

Just watch this clip from Top Gear UK:

After the jump, the best upside down tunnel scene from a movie:

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Do Flies Sleep and the perils of Shooman Chew

In my apartment, there is one fly that I have nicknamed Shooman Chew who has been pestering me for a few weeks.  I’ve never seen a fly that deliberately nosedives into people on some weird ritualistic/militaristic quasi-suicide mission.  The problem with Shooman Chew’s attempted suicide missions is that he is so fat that no matter how hard he attacks us, he bounces off to attack once more.

Shooman Chew’s actual size

But, Shooman Chew never attacks at night. At first, I thought that he might be on some rotating schedule with the neighbors.  Or maybe, he had a missus at home at his buzz shelter and I was just his 9-5.  Then, I wondered out of curiosity (and murderous intent) when do flies sleep and where do they sleep? 

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