Don’t Fix what Ain’t Broke: the Scrabble Application on Facebook

I’ve discussed my Scrabble addiction before, but I’ll say it again… I believe that scrabble is the most perfect game ever created.  In fact, the creator of Scrabble, Alfred Mosher Butts,  studied the front page of The New York Times for an entire year to calculate how frequently each letter of the alphabet was used.  Words with Friends cannot even compare…

So, today when I went to play my daily game of Scrabble through the facebook application, I was surprised to find this:

What is that madness?  It looks like they hired the web designers of Myspace circa 2003 and Zynga’s Farmville to make this terrible eyesore. Continue reading


My Tea Partier friend’s rants on Burning Man

For those of you who do not know what Burning Man is, it’s kinda like this:

For those of you who don’t know what the Tea Party Movement is, it’s kinda like this:

Billiam Rooney (name changed) is my 40 year old friend that I play scrabble with every single day.  We mostly play online, which over the course of several hours, allows us to rant about pretty much whatever is on our mind.   Part of the time, it’s Bill letting me know that the eco-nazis are ruining this country.  Part of the time, it’s Bill saying that big government is going to destroy the economy.  Part of the time, it’s one of us ranting, while the other one doesn’t even respond directly to what the other is saying. Example:

Rooney – i just ate some rancid horseradish. ugh..I think I’m gonna puke

Me – i’m crazy multitasking.  doing everything so poorly

Yea, that makes me sound heartless, but in actuality, that’s just how we talk to each other.

So, with Burning Man less than a week away, Billiam found a new favorite topic of conversation: Burners.

On Sunday, Billiam had this to say (through facebook chat)* :

burning man is so stupid.

the last thing on earth I want to do is drive out to a dry lake bed with a bunch of people like Water Emu Tango Squirrel [editor’s note: a hippy we both know – name changed] to light an effigy on fire and look at a bunch of big bad art made by SF queers and PAY for the privelege.

there’s not even a’s not even a music festival…

I like the naked chicks though

but they aren’t even bathed

At this point, I did not really respond to or argue with Billiam (it’s useless to do so), but I did inform him “i am so gonna quote you on that” for my blog.  He continued:

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Scrabble Addiction: Word Wars

There’s something you will figure out about me soon enough, so I might as well put it out in the open now.  No, I don’t have any weird fetishes like Plushophilia (attraction to stuffed animals), Spectrophilia (attraction to ghosts),  or eproctophilia (fart fetish).

The truth is, I’m obsessed with Scrabble.  I play 3 games a day (usually online) and I spend my free time writing themed word lists about such things as Feudalism, Alcohol and Currency.  It’s a hobby and since it’s a mildly intelligent hobby I can justify it as not being a total waste of time..

A day well spent

So I was very excited when I learned about a movie focusing on Scrabble tournaments and the people who compete in them.  The movie is called Word Wars and is available to rent on Netflix.  It falls into one of my favorite movie genres: documentaries of people with weird, obsessive hobbies.  [tangent] If you have not seen the King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters see if NOW (it’s streaming on netflix) [/tangent]

Here’s the trailer for Word Wars: