From MP3 Grillz to Michael Jackson’s Pet name: Daily Mail Links

I LOVE the Daily Mail.  I seriously start my day by getting my fix of British tabloids.   So here are my favorite links of the day:

1. Michael Jackson’s pet name for himself was “turd.”

2.   Honey Honey Boo Boo Child (aka Alana from Toddler’s and Tiaras) is getting her own TLC Reality Television show!!!!  If you are out of the child pageant circuit, this video will catch you up (it’s worth it):

3.  The family of a man who died in a threesome was awarded $3 million because his doctor did not warn him against extreme physical activity.  Because a doctor’s warning was totally gonna stop him…

4.  Grillz 3.0 – you can now play MP3’s through your teeth and this is somehow a growing trend.  The control panel is on the roof of your mouth, so you can change the music with your tongue…  U.S.A! U.S.A.!

Daily Mail, you are the best!


LA Times, you are officially an asshole for ruining Desperate Housewives

There are certain things you should know not to mess with about me:

-I do not eat mayo or ranch, and I do not find it endearing or cute when someone jokingly says they will put it in my food (or actually put it in my food, which my mom once did).

-Saying that words with friends and Scrabble (aka the best game in the universe) are the same thing.  They are not.  One was created by carefully studying the letter distribution in the New York Times for a year, one is a cheap knock off, slightly changed to not violate copyright laws.

-I watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights.  I will not pick up my phone, go online or respond to you even in if you show up in person.



So the Los Angeles Times, posted an article on the front page of the LA Extra section called Spoiler in ‘Desperate Housewives’ trial stuns courtroom’.  Basically, Nicollette Sheridan, is suing the show’s creator and studio for wrongful termination stemming from the elimination of her character, Edie Britt.    This season, they’ve been planning on killing a character on the show and I had no idea who.  It’s been building up!  So much suspense!

So, right next to the article is a picture of Edie Britt, as well as another character, who will go unnamed.  And I look at this picture, and I think, there is no way in the hell that the LA Times is going to be so blatantly stupid and post a picture of the character who is going to die.

Well the caption read like this:

Actor OMITTED’s character in “Desperate Housewives” will be killed off, an executive producer revealed during court testimony.

I didn’t even have to read the article to find out who died.  Has the LA Times not heard of the rules of the internet? Where when we are about to reveal a spoiler, we say in big letters SPOILER.  It’s that simple!

I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that I watch Desperate Housewives or the fact that I subscribe to the LA Times.  Ugh.  Scratch that.  Definitely the latter.

My other other blog: BUDAWRITES

I started a new blog!  BUDAWRITES , a blog that chronicles my attempt to make it as a screenwriter (and yes, that’s my aspiration, although I would love to live in HAHALALABUDA Wonderland forever).  Follow that blog too! Love me, hate me, critique me, follow me… Click the link HERE

From the About Me Section:

Screenwriter…  Show Runner…  SNL sketch comedy writer…  Academy Award winner for best original screenplay…  Okay. Okay. I’ll admit it.  I’m not exactly any of those things now, but that’s where I’d love to see myself 5 to 10 years from now (I’ll be happy with 3 out of 4).

Instead I’m…

Government employee… Law office assistant…  Mortgage banking specialist…  Not as exciting, eh?

I’m dreaming big and want to be a screenwriter in Hollywood.  This blog will chronicle my trials and tribulations.

A special treat for hahabuda followers: My favorite movie clip of all time (even though I have not seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer)

Pat Sajak “used to” get drunk and other Game Show hosts behaving badly

I love game shows.  But even more, I love game show hosts.  My top 3 favorite game show hosts of all time are: Chuck Woolery, Alex Trebek and Bob Barker.  And even though Pat Sajak, from Wheel of Fortune, seems like the creepy uncle I never had, he has a special place in my heart too.

SO, BIG SHOCKER HERE.  Pat Sajak recently admitted in an interview that he and Vanna White would get pretty plastered before the show in the early days of the Wheel.  As he states:

 Our dinner break would be two and a half hours long while they drove in cars and boats and gazebos…. We had a place called Los Arcos…. They had great margaritas, so Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six. And then come and do the last shows, and have trouble recognizing the alphabet.

Well Pat’s not the only one with questionable behavior.  Here are some other game show hosts behaving badly:

1.  Meredith Vieira gets hot and bothered for a young Navy pilot


“You can put your wet finger wherever you want it”

Nope, those aren’t quotes Continue reading

Jeopardy fans are not happy, may start nerdy riot

Please read Part I of the Jeopardy controversy HERE to get more fully up to date on the craziness that is happening among people who are usually too busy memorizing vice presidents, English royals and no longer circulating currencies (I kid, I kid. I love you guys).

A few days ago, I reported that Jeopardy has decided to close registration early for its online tests to qualify to be on the show.  Usually, you have until two hours before the test starts to register.  This year, they closed it off DAYS early without warning.  Rumor has it that hackers may have been a factor. Really, Jeopardy, just because we Jeopardophiles are smarter than the average bear, doesn’t mean we don’t participate in some good ole fashioned procrastination.

Things got awkward when they were still showing commercials saying you could register, despite the fact that registration was long since closed.

The correct response is “What is a douchey thing to do?”

Now, fans are not happy.  As one fan states on their facebook page:

Closing reg while still saying register on the tv sucks. I’ll be contacting Sony, SEC about false advertising, FCC, and the state Attorney General Department of Consumer Affairs. Hope others do the same.

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Wanna be a Jeopardy Contestant? TOO BAD says the show

My original intent of this blog post was to inform you that the Jeopardy Online Test to qualify to be on the show is happening this week.  I was so excited.  In fact, I couldn’t wait for my chance to fail it (hey, what can I say, I’m a bit rusty on state capitals).  Maybe I would inspire some follower to apply, and when they asked who referred you to apply, you would say “” and then Alex Trebek and I would be best friends.

A girl can dream…

BUT THEN… I went to their website and found that the registration was closed.  I seriously had a verbal yell that was a cross between “GJLJKNRNICPJOFVDARGGGGHHHHH!” and Fizzgig doing this.  It wasn’t pretty.  When you click the link it says:

This feature is currently unavailable.  Please enjoy the rest of the site and check back later for updates.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

-The Producers of Jeopardy

UH OH!  People on the Jeopardy facebook page are not happy.  The online test happens Continue reading

Contestant on Jeopardy is known as the FEZ GUY at UCSB

If you caught Jeopardy tonight, you may have noticed an interesting looking fella from Santa Barbara California.  The second I saw him I recognized him… He’s known as the Fez Guy,

At my Alma Mater, The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) there was this one guy who would walk around with a fez on his head, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  and THIS GUY made it to Jeopardy (he’s living my dream). Unfortunately, he didn’t wear a fez on jeopardy and for his personal story decided instead to talk about his dream journal (which I’m sure is filled with amazingess).  I also have never seen him without a fez, so that was new too.  I now know what the top of his head looks like.

I couldn’t find a picture of him with his fez, but I did find an article where he gives advice in our school’s newspaper, the Daily Nexus, HERE.

David Cross joins cast of Modern family! Stop the presses!

So I usually don’t delve into television news on this blog, but I had to stop the HAHABUDA presses when I heard this: David Cross is joining the cast of Modern Family as a city council member who battles housewife Claire Dumphey (Julie Bowen).  Modern Family just upped the ante.

After the jump some of my favorite David Cross videos:

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Whisker Wars – May the best beard win

Reality Television – you tell everyone you hate it, but secretly, you have all the seasons of Jersey Show on DVD, you TIVO the Bachelorette and you watch Parking Wars on Netflix (aside: when is TIVO going to be in the scrabble dictionary, it’s already a pseudo verb)

My reality TV habits are usually limited to things like watching a full day marathon of  Millionaire Matchmaker when i’m *cough cough* sick or staring in horror when a Gordon Ramsey show pops up, but it’s rare that I need to watch a reality show every week.

This has all changed with Whisker Wars.  It’s on Fridays at 11 p.m.  Yes, it’s mindless.  Yes, it’ contributing to the lowering standards of television.  BUT, it’s awesome. and awesome trumps everything else any day.